About Our Website

Website Vision

To be a clear & accessible communication tool for people who are seeking:

  • to learn more about Knox United Church in Terrace;
  • to explore their faith and learn about “Membership”;
  • to contact a Minister for Pastoral Counselling/Emergencies/Visiting;
  • to keep informed on upcoming Knox events (like, Christmas at Knox, Messy Church, Worship times…);
  • to find information on weddings, funerals, baptisms and the use of our building for other events;

Guiding Principles

The website WILL:

  • reflect the life and work, Mission and Values, of Knox United Church;
  • post announcements on behalf of individuals, local and wider churches, organizations (including social/environmental/climate/gender/economic…etc… justice groups), and political parties that the reflect and support the life and work, the Mission and Values, of Knox United Church, as approved by the Editor and/or the Church Board.
  • provide useful links to other resources, including the Pacific Mountain Regional Commission (formerly known as BC Conference as of January 1, 2019) and The United Church’s Denominational Council (formerly known as the General Council).
  • honour the privacy standards set by the Protection of Personal Information Policy of the United Church of Canada’s Pacific Mountain Regional Commission.
  • publish photographs taken at worship, special events and activities; with permission (implied or expressed) of the person(s) depicted.
  • post photographs of children and youth only with the expressed permission of the child/youth and their parent or guardian.  Posted with permission, the names of children will not be included.  (The “photo release” form is available at the Knox Office).
  • honour any request from individuals wanting their photo removed from the website.
  • honour any request to have personal identification removed (i.e., name).

The website with NOT:

  • post advertisments.


Editor of Website

The Minister will act as Editor of the website with the power to delegate responsibilities to the Webminder(s).  Any decision of the editor can be appealed to the Knox Church Board.  The Church Board will decide  if the matter reflects the life and work, mission and vision, of Knox United Church.


The Office Administrator(s) will act as the webminder(s) regarding the content of the website.  Ideally, there will be one, or two, backup Webminders appointed by the Board to ensure continuity.  The Webminder shall keep the Editor informed of developments on the website and shall implement any requests made by the Editor/Minister.

The Webminder will keep a list of accounts, login names, usernames, passwords.  The list shall be given to the Editor and kept in a secure location.