Mission, Vision & Values

As individuals we are a diverse group. As a community, we are unified in holding central our commitment to the Way of Christ, which leads us to seek an equitable and just community; to care for the earth; to promote healing and reconciliation; to deepen our spiritual understanding through study, and by engaging the world; and to live joy-filled, generous lives, trusting in God’s abundance, love and grace.

Our Mission:

(Our reason for BEing / Our rai·son d’ê·tre)

Creating Community

                    with Purpose, Grace & Love.


Our Vision:

(Our North Star)

Knox United Church:

We seek to be…

           A partner in creating an

                     equitably just,

                     spiritually healthy,

                     relationship rich,

                     respectfully diverse and

                     compassionate community;

           that courageously

                     cares for one another,

                         for the earth,

                           and for future generations

                                  in the heart of the Skeena Valley.


Our Values

Radical Hospitality              Loving & Respecting One Another          Spiritual Connection     Caring for God’s World          Worship that Inspires


Thanks to a grant from the ProVision Fund of the BC Conference of the United Church, Knox United Church members met in retreat format at the Yellow Cedar Lodge three times over a year’s period to revision and redevelop present and future ministry initiatives and priorities. Thanks to the leadership of Gloria Murdock-Smith at the first gathering, and the Rev. Victoria Andrews, Conference Minister for the northern presbyteries, at the second and third meetings, the result was a new “Mission, Vision & Values Statement“, and a “Behavioural Covenant/Holy Mannersadopted by the congregation at its Annual General Meeting in the Spring of 2017.