Facility Use


Office Hours for Key pick-up

Tuesday to Friday from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

 Events Coordinator: If you have any questions or concerns about your event please contact the events coordinator: or the office clerk.



User groups may only be in the location(s) booked during the period booked and for the purpose indicated at the time of booking. If the group’s requirements change, alternate arrangements must be made through the Clerk-of-Use. The church should be vacated by 10:00 pm unless other arrangements are made.

On rare occasions the Church may require the use of reserved space and may relocate your group for a meeting or ask you to arrange another meeting time or place. In such event, you will be notified and all efforts will be made to minimize your inconvenience.


Cheques should be made payable to Knox United Church and either mailed or delivered to the Clerk-of-Use who is also responsible to personally collect and receive cash payments. Except for special users payment in advance will be expected.


Keys may be issued, either permanently or loaned upon payment of a deposit to groups using the building. Keys which are loaned must be signed out from the office before the booked event and are to be returned either by dropping them through the mail slot when the group is leaving the premises or by delivery to the Church office the next business day.


Adults/responsible persons must provide supervision at all times and remain on the premises until all group members have departed. Horseplay, running, misuse of washrooms and other mischief should be prevented. All groups renting KnoxChurch facilities will receive a copy of the Standards for Ministry to Youth and Children. These should be followed by groups which include participants younger than 19 if the group does not have its own defined standards.


Drugs or alcoholic beverages are prohibited and must not be consumed or brought onto the premises. Smoking is not allowed in the Church building, but is permitted outside where a waste can is provided for ashes and butts.


The kitchen is to be left in a clean condition: counters wiped, sink clean, spills on the floor wiped up, coffee urns unplugged and rinsed, stove turned off, dishes washed and put away. Groups are to bring their own supplies for coffee and/or other refreshments. No food may be left in the cupboards or refrigerator unless storage space has been arranged at the time of booking. Any food items left in the cupboards must be in sealed containers to discourage mice.

Our church has adopted a policy prohibiting the use of Styrofoam cups/dishes in the building and we require that all user groups respect his policy. Church mugs may be used instead.

Groups using the kitchen for meals, teas, etc. are requested to provide their own tablecloths, napkins, tea towels. Garbage is to be placed in the garbage bin at the northeast corner of the property


Extra chairs or tables for meetings in Rooms 2, 3 and 4 may be brought from the Church Hall but must be returned and stacked as indicated on the signs. Please do not drag the tables across the door sills because this damages the edges. A cart for moving chairs is stored in the storage area off the Church hall. Tables must be wiped clean before storing. If furniture in a room is moved by the group, it should be returned to where it was found on entering. No furniture may be removed from the premises except by special permission.


Groups are expected to leave premises clean after each user. This may require sweeping, mopping or vacuuming floors depending on weather and activities of the group. Bathrooms should be checked and cleaned if necessary, before leaving. Mops, brooms, dustpans, vacuum, garbage bags, etc. are kept in the kitchen or the janitor’s room next door. (The janitor’s room is locked to prevent access to small children – the key is hanging on the door frame above the knob.)

All decorations, material and equipment not belonging to the Church are to be removed unless other arrangements have been made. If storage space has been allotted, each group is requested to confine itself to such space and to keep it tidy. User groups shall be responsible for extra clean-up costs or damages and shall be billed for such costs by the church. Reports of damage or breakage should be made to the Clerk-of-Use through the office.


For security reasons we recommend that the front door be locked after all of your group has arrived. If meeting in any of the rooms in the Christian Education Wing, please make sure that the double fire doors are closed when leaving. The last group leader or designated person leaving the building must ensure that windows (including bathrooms) and outside doors are locked, lights (except emergency and outdoor lighting) are off, thermostats set to 15C in winter and 10C in other seasons, all stoves, ovens, electrical appliances are off.


Bikes are not permitted in the building.


A member or adherent of the congregation shall agree to personally host any outside group using the sanctuary. If anyone will be using the organ or grand piano for the first time, the Music Director must be asked for direction. Congregational hosts shall consult with the Member of the Order of Ministry or the chairperson of the Worship Committee with regard to the oversight of use and movement of furniture.


May not be moved from the room in which they are located.