What is Knox United Church like? Are the people fun or serious? How can I get involved? What if I just want to check things out? How will I get to know people? What kind of activities and service do people do through this church? Can I join the choir? Who is in the leadership?

 If you are just beginning to explore your faith and you would like to join us for weekly worship you are welcome. Or if you are wondering about studies and events we have outside of Sundays check out our programs or Knox News – the Grapevine. The Knox News is found at the back of our weekly service bulletins and if you would like to receive the news electronically, just let the office know your email address. If you are wondering what we believe, check us out and know this is a place where you are able to question and grow.

We are a welcoming, open-minded church! Come and check out what we are all about.

During a Sunday Morning Service

Upon arrival you will be welcomed at the door by greeters. Worship will take place in the “Sanctuary” straight through the double doors. A greeter will be handing out bulletins as you enter the worship area. The bulletin will include the order of the service and announcements.

As you enter the sanctuary (worship space) you will see it is arranged in a manner which reflects our Christian heritage. There is a stage, or “chancel” at the front of the Sanctuary with a podium or “pulpit” where our minister and other speakers address the congregation. At the beginning of worship the choir will enter and sit in the pews on the stage. The altar or communion table with is in the front center of the space. You are welcome to sit in any available seat.

Feel free to ask questions if you are feeling unsure about anything. The people of Knox United Church love to see new faces and they will welcome you freely.

If you wish, please sign our guest book; we would appreciate the opportunity to contact you by email, letter or phone to welcome you and answer any questions you may have.

The bulletin is filled with announcements and ways to get involved. You can ask the minister or others about any information you read. You can get involved right away or simply join us for worship or study until you want to get more involved. Check out more areas of our website to find out other pieces of information.

What Happens During the Service?

Sunday Service begins at 10:30 a.m. with music, opening words, and announcements. The choir and minister entering the sanctuary indicate the beginning of the service. Music is an important aspect of the Sunday Service with hymn singing, and a talented choir. Children are welcome to worship with us during the first part of service and then are invited to Sunday school after a brief gathering time. Children who would rather stay in the service are welcome to do so, and/or parents can go with them to Sunday School until they feel comfortable to leave. On the Sundays when we offer communion, the children are invited to participate in communion should the parents like.

The service will include prayers, hymns, meditations and a reflection by the minister or a guest speaker. Each service lasts about an hour and fifteen minutes.

The Offering, accompanied by music, allows worshippers to support church leadership, programs and service initiatives. Please give as you are able or desire.

Following the service you are most welcome to join us in the church hall for community and conversation over coffee, tea and snacks.

If you have any more questions feel free to call the church office which is open from Tuesday – Friday from 9am-12pm.