Our Values


The Congregation of Knox United Church, Terrace, is a gathered faith community called by God to:

  • Proclaim the Good News in Jesus Christ;
  • Worship God;
  • Celebrate the Sacraments;
  • Nurture Spiritual Growth


Knox United Church is a welcoming and inclusive community, which holds these values:

  • Compassion and caring;
  • Our congregation’s history in Terrace
  • Life-long learning’
  • Cultural and ethnic diversity;
  • Inter-faith and inter-church co-operation and denominational commitment.

(Approved at a Congregational meeting held October 2, 1994)


By God’s grace and with the working of the Holy Spirit, we commit ourselves to the following goals:

  • To provide regular opportunities for meaningful worship.
  • To care compassionately for the spiritual needs of the individual members or adherents of the United Church congregation, and of others who seek pastoral care from the United Church.
  • To keep the congregation informed about our financial position so that necessary action can be taken to ensure that our congregation remains financially solvent and able to carry on with the variety of activities which follow from our Mission Statement.
  • To cultivate knowledge and convictions concerning the Mission of the Church in all its aspects, thus helping the congregation become a caring supportive community, aware of the responsive to the needs in our own church, community and the world.
  • To provide opportunities for life-long learning at each stage of development of Christian faith and living.